Thursday, December 3, 2009

The last 14

ok the last 14 "to do's while in 24".....

11. make my own home grown chamomile tea
12. run a HALF marathon (this one most likely...not gonna happen..just being honest)
13. journal ALMOST everyday
This is kinda hard...thinking of 24 things to do
14. pay off my credit card...totally doable
15. move...FINALLY
16. color my hair something semi outrageous
17. sew a plushie
18. learn to photoshop
19. learn to speak some Danish...already have rosetta stone!
20. embroider some bedsheets and curtains
21. bake a cake from scratch that doesn't taste like poo.
22. get another tattoo!...maybe...
23. figure out my sewing machine that always makes me want to scream when I use it.
24. take pictures of me wearing the Yogurt Farms T in Denmark, Uganda, and India!


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