Friday, December 16, 2011

{make do: diy infant bow headbands}

The other day I was goofing around with felt and made a bow for my holiday wreath and thought, "Hmm this would make a super cute baby headband for Hannah Lou!"

All you need is a pair of old nylons, felt, fabric scissors, and hot glue. 

First cut out 3 pieces of felt. Just estimate the size based on how large you want your bow. Just make sure the two longest pieces are the same width. then cut on little piece to wrap around the middle of your bow.

Take you longest piece and cut V shaped notches out of each end.

Take your middle piece and hot glue each end to the middle of the strip making a figure eight shape.

Then cut notches out of each side of your two longest pieces. Try to make your cuts even on each side. I pretty much eye balled this whole thing, so really just do your best.

Glue your middle piece onto your long piece. Try to line up your notches.

Then take your nylons and cut a wide piece to use as your headband. Stretch the loop out before you glue it to your bow.

Lastly, hot glue your small piece of felt around the bow with the headband tucked neatly inside!

Make sure to pinch the bow tight. Its easiest if you glue one end and then pull it tightly around and trim the felt to the right length and glue. And your done!

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  1. LOVE! I might need to make some then find someone who actually has a baby girl to put them on:P