Sunday, December 11, 2011

{life savers!, not the candy}

Now that I am officially a new mom I feel like I have a good understanding of what a nursing mom wants and needs in those first few weeks. Between my friends, family and husband, I have been SPOILED! Here are the some things I have found most helpful and necessary these last few months! Keep these in mind when you have a friend with a new baby! :)

cute diaper bag- Timi and Leslie "Dawn" and "Charlie" are my favorites. I know I already shared these but I am soo in love with them!

Glamourmom nursing tank with compression band. The compression makes you feel more put together!  You have quite the jiggle belly for awhile. Plus it is a nursing tank!

the moby wrap- I can just throw this thing on and walk down stairs for a coffee. We live right on a "main street" of sorts and have a Peets and Starbucks right downstairs!

fresh flowers- these particular ones are from Caroline :) They had the cutest yarn poms in the bouquet!

Spiru-tein protein powder for a quick breakfast. Yum! I'm sharing some of my recipes soon!


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