Saturday, November 19, 2011

{Heidi of Crooked Shmooked}

Heidi Jo here from the sadly neglected Crooked Shmooked, filling in while Ali spends all her days staring at her perfect gal. Congratulations to you and the Mr. on the arrival of sweet little Hannah! I am so glad she arrived safe and sound and med-free. Good job, mama!

While Hannah is teeny tiny and demanding 24/7 care right now, once she gets older and you have the energy and free time to craft, you can make her all sorts of love-filled things. Part of the fun of having a little one is having so much crafty inspiration out there. I especially adore handmade softies. Even if they turn out wonky, your little won't care and will love them just the same. (Just check out that crazy alien/peanut/blob beast of a softie I made for my gal based on this tutorial. His name is NumNum and he is the most loved of all her stuffed friends.) I rounded up a variety of free softie DIYs for you and all your readers to check out. If you don't have a little guy or gal of your own, handmade softies are great shower or birthday gifts too. People are ridiculously impressed when they find out you made the softie yourself. And you know that feels good. Save these tutorials for a rainy day and share the finished result with Ali if you wish. I know she'd love to see. And if you make a wonky, what-is-that? beast, share the love with me so NumNum can have some company. Happy sewing!

Top Left: Plush cloud mobile - Top Right: Fabric beach balls
Middle Row Left: Cuddly chewbacca - Middle Row Right: Cashmere softie Easter bunnies
Bottom Row Left: Cupcake softie - Bottom Row Right: Sunshine plushie 


  1. Ohh! I love making softies (as you both know!) I am def gonna make some of those beach balls for my nieces and nephews. Thanks for the tip Heidi Jo!!!!


  2. hi lovely friend! i'm quite liking all your guests' posts :) here is a link to my sister's blog. i know she'll eventually use it more ;)

    let us skype soon! can message on fb to plan it.