Friday, November 11, 2011

{Amy of Delightful Distractions}

Each time that I found out that I was expecting a new little bambino, one of the items that would automatically get added to the "need to buy before baby comes" list was a baby book!

I don't know how other women are about selecting their baby books, but I was kinda  picky.  I remember going through Barnes and Nobles book shelf, pulling out every baby journal or record book desperately searching for the perfect one.  I usually walked away kinda bummed and frustrated.

After something like this occurred several times, while I was pregnant with my first, Alice, my mom offered an idea.  She had come across a vintage baby book at an antique store and offered it to me.  I was kinda skeptical at first... I didn't know if I wanted a "used" baby book.  But when I realized it was in perfect condition, no writing in it, and FULL OF GORGEOUS PICTURES from the 1950s, I was sold.

For my next little girl, Elsie, I found an Eloise Wilkin's baby book.  You know the illustrator of all those chubby legged, dimple-cheeked little babies and kids often in Golden Books?  Well, she's one of my favorite illustrators... so that was a done deal.  That and the fact that the cover was turquoise...perfect!

For my third baby girl, Sadie, I had bought two other baby books and returned them, before my mom came to the rescue once again with another vintage baby book.  It was very similar to Alice's and I loved it.

When it came to baby number 4, who was a boy, I knew exactly which baby book to get.  You see, I'd been searching the web and book stores for 6+ years now!  In my searches, I had come across a sweet little vintage inspired baby book that was precious! was filled with simple, adorable graphics and vintage styled fonts... but it was yellow, green, brown, and a bit of turquoise.  Just not girly enough for those three other dolls of mine :)  But it was perfect for my boy!!

So if you're a mama expecting a baby and you're kinda picky...  I've got three suggestions for you:
1. Hello Baby! A Keepsake Journal for Baby's First Year
2. The Eloise Wilkin Baby Journal by Golden Books
3. or GO VINTAGE!  ... either hit your local antique mall or go online to Ebay or Etsy.  You can find them pretty reasonably priced: $12-$20

Happy hunting and blessings to you!

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