Sunday, November 6, 2011

Alyssa of The Freckled Fawn

Hi, I'm Alyssa of The Freckled Fawn.  I couldn't be happier to entertain you guys for Ali as she welcomes her sweet baby girl into this world!  
I've been thinking a lot the last few days about what I would write about, what was pressing on my heart string enough to share with you guys.  Ali gave me the freedom to talk about whatever I wanted to...but in honor of the present events (welcome baby Hannah!) and because it is really what my life is all about, I wanted to talk about 

Our baby boy joined us in September of '09 and our world changed forever.
So many people tell you that you will never be the same, you nod and say that you understand but you don't, at least not fully.
I knew I loved my baby,
I just didn't know how much and how completely I would or could love that tiny little human.
I knew it would be hard and challenging,
I just didn't know how truly hard it would be, how many tears would be shed when the baby is screaming, your tired and don't know what to do anymore
I know it would change my life forever.
I didn't know how much of an overhaul that really was or how willing I would be to just let it happen.
I knew that a child was something my husband and I wanted,
but I didn't know how much it would change us, for the better, and actually bring us that much closer together.
I don't think anyone or anything can prepare you for its beauty 
or for its not so pretty times.
Its hard.
Its dirty work
It will make you cry.
It will break you down.
God has blessed me, beyond comprehension, by allowing me to care for and raise one of his little miracles.  Its my job to dedicate myself to that, to my son, because that's the choice I made when my son was given to me.
Being a mom is a privilege and responsibility.
Its not to be taken lightly, its something you dive into with both feet and give everything you have...and then some. 

My baby is Gods gift to me and raising him well is my gift to God.

Motherhood is a beautiful, messy thing...
and, as a woman, it is the greatest thing I will ever do.

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