Friday, August 26, 2011

{make do monday...on Friday?}

This has by far been one of the easiest, yet my favorite, project I have done in awhile! And I have been craftin it up! Let me tell you! Nesting is in full force over in these parts! You may remember my thrift haul post yesterday, where I showed you the rose picture I bought. This is what I did with it!

First I want to mention that this is not  completely original idea. It was inspired by this little lady. So, to get started you will need:
1. an old painting you dont mind messing around with
2. acrylic craft paint on the color of your choosing
3. paint for your frame if you want to paint it
4. brushes
5. your template...I found mine here but you can always make your own

First I printed out my template and before cutting it out I reenforced it with clear contact paper. Then cut out the deer and lightly attach it to your painting. I used a double sided tape but make sure to check that what you use won't wreck your painting! Because the deer antlers are pretty thin, I had to paint carefully as to not get paint under the template.

When you paint be sure to move from the inside of the template out with your strokes. If you paint toward the template the ends will lift and you won't get a crisp line.
I also painted the brown frame it was in, white for a nice bright contrast. Let your masterpiece dry, and carefully peel off your template. Mine wasn't totally dry when I did this part and it was fine. So if you are like me and totally impatient, go for it!

So, that's really all there is to it! It is one of those projects where everyone sees it and thinks your brilliant until you explain how easy it is :) enjoy! Have a great weekend guys!


  1. such a good idea! I need to try with an Elephant print :)

  2. you are amazing!! what did you do with the rest of the rose picture? ;)
    i do not want to offend you and be a copy cat but i want this exact one, i am so in love with it! favorite project thus far.

  3. hey Mal :) I actually painted over the rest of the picture :( We'll have to keep our eyes peeled for another print! I'll look when I go thrifting! I'm so glad you guys like the picture!

  4. love it! pretty sure i need to do this.

  5. Love this project. I've been wanting to try something like this too since seeing Elsie's project. I love your take on it. :)

  6. Oh wow, I really love this. What a great idea, and wonderful execution! Makes me wish I had more wall space :-)