Monday, August 29, 2011

{made me some mocs}

{So I have been dying for a pair of Darlingtonia Mocs for...oh...forever, especially now that my feet have decided to swell to the size of baby hump back whales! Sadly I have been unable to shell out the dough, so I came up with a temporary substitute! These were fairly simple to make...needed some help from my Daddio, as I was to much of a weakling to weave the toe part. You really have to pull those suckers tight! Over all though, it is soooo simple. I used this kit and it includes everything you need. If you can find a thin enough leather cord that would probably look better than the nylon cord it comes with. I bought leather but couldn't fit it though the holes! Anyway try it out! It's a fun little weekend project!}


  1. I was just eyeing some mocs today, but they aren't in my budget either. these are lovely!

  2. this just made my day! i love moccasins!!!

  3. Oh, I LOVE those! Great job. I'm impressed!