Sunday, July 31, 2011

{procrastinator extraordinaire}

Do you ever feel like you just want to read everyone else's blog but have no motivation to wrote on your own? I do! That's how I've been feeling lately! I have so many things I've been doing that I want to share but havent, simply because I've been putting it off and just plain don't want to spend the time! I'm getting there though! Been editing photos and have a massive list of posts to get up soon! I'm kinda excited for it :) 
{In the mean time here are some of the amazing projects I've found out in the inter-web lately!}

+ super fun free printables on my new favorite blog!

+free lemonade party printables perfect for cute

+my pinterest craft page is packed full of fun ideas! may of these I have been working on!

+more amazing printables for the lovely creature comforts! I could read this blog for hours!

+dying to make these in yellow, green and/or white!!

+gonna make an h for Hannah!

+totally printing this to frame in the nursery/half of our bedroom!

We have been hard at work "flipping"our apartment in preparation for little miss Hannah! We are so excited to meet her! Yesterday marked the beginning of the 3rd trimester! Crazy right?! Where has the time gone? Oh well, here's to getting some of these fun posts up this week! Hope everyone had a fun and relaxed weekend!

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  1. I love the DIY letter idea, especially with chalkboard paint! 'M' would be easy but 'S' could be a challenge!