Monday, July 18, 2011

{baby bump digest: week 24...and nesting madness}

{This belly of mine is getting bigger :) This is Hannah and I at 24 we are taking our 25 week pictures! Holy moly where has the time gone! I am in the middle of about a zillion projects and have so much to share with you guys! It's just a matter of taking the pictures and making time to post..We are having way to much fun nesting..or at least I am...poor hubs, maybe not so much!}
 Here a few projects I am dyng to share

:diy onsies
:nursery decor
:apartment improvements
:new recipes
:craigslist adventures
:organizational it!
:and a million other things

{Take mercy on me if this post sounds weird or has typos..It's 1am and I can't sleep so I'm doing this! Hannah has been super kick-y lately! We have a lively one people! Today hubs preached at church and she definately could hear him cuz she was super jazzed the whole time! So cute! Already a Daddys girl! Oh shoot! What does that me for me!}


  1. Gosh! its amazing to see how big you have got :) Soon she will be here :)

  2. i don't know if i've said this already, but i'm a recent follower of your blog, and i love these updates...and the backgrounds on this one are gorgeous!

  3. omg, I don't know you but you are sooo cute! those pictures are awesome. i love your blog too, just found it today.