Friday, May 27, 2011

{top secret cinnamon toast}

{As promised here is my top secret family recipe for cinnamon toast! It's hardly a recipe but there is a definite technique that I feel we have perfected. When I was little my Dad always used to make it for me, and it was never the same if anyone else made it...sorry Mom :) So, it's pretty basic.
Toast your bread. Growing up we always used that whole wheat Roman Meal bread in the orange bag, now I use a sprouted wheat toast...that way it redeems some amount of nutritional value to my breakfast! As soon as your toast pops you want to butter it immediately so all your butter melts into the bread, and don't be stingy, load that sucker up! Then plop down about a tablespoon...yes a tablespoon...of white sugar. Typically I use raw sugar but white is what we always used growing up and it just melts into the butter a lot easier. Then sprinkle your cinnamon onto the pile of sugar. This part is very important! When we were kids we always looked for the white polka dot in the middle of the toast, cuz that how Dad always did it! You can add as much cinnamon as you like but at least cover your sugar with a thin layer. Then start spreading the sugar around on your toast. You will end up with too much sugar, just shake it off in the sink and if it's really ridiculous scrap a little. Then eat your scrumptious creation!}



  1. my favorite cinnamon toast is in the oven, set to broil. Butter evenly distributed on the toast, with sugar and cinnamon. The broiling caramelizes the sugar and gives it a golden, crispy topping. Just gotta watch it close so it doesn't burn. So good for an after diner desert.

  2. hahahahhaha!!! i love this! this is so cute! it sounds like my dad...something that he would do...

    he would always make us toast and hot chocolate in the morning... then we would dip our toast into our hot chocolate.... and MMMM it was SO tasty!!

    ♥ fun memories!!

    allister bee blog

  3. Yum! I always broil mine in the oven with the cinnamon and sugar on it, like the way you'd make garlic bread.

  4. gosh i'm nervous to try this after you said no one makes it like your dad! lol

  5. I'm going to make some right now. I have the Saturday night munchies. :)