Tuesday, May 17, 2011

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{Well after almost a week of being sick I am finally feeling more like myself! Hooray! Sadly I had the stomach flu starting Wednesday night and it lasted until Friday! Since then I have been trying to get my stomach back to normal for eating food and other such things :) This morning I ate breakfast as normal, and even felt hungry! I just ate what sounded good, instead of having to find something I might be able to stomach! Isn't being sick the worst! I remember being in grade school and praying to God that I could be sick just for a few days, to get out of school. What was I thinking! Having the flu is no fun anyway but having it while pregnant is the pits. It's totally nerve wracking! I was worried about getting dehydrated the whole time! Luckily the advise nurse I talked to was sure nice and reassuring. Anyway that wraps up this update of the 2011 Barf-a-thon. In other news I didn't get to post the first Apart{ment} of my heart yet because I was sick, so you can expect that later today or tomorrow. I'm excited to get started. I'm still trying to get back on schedule after being derailed by the first trimester of baby cooking so hopefully you'll being seeing more activity around these parts soon! I have some fun new things coming up for the blog that I can't quite share yet but am really excited too! Have a great day guys and I'll be back soon with more!}

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  1. Being sick is always such a bummer! I'm particularly adverse to stomach issues, when I get the stomach flu I'm usually quite pitiful! Haha! Anywhoooo, I'm glad you're on the way to getting better! Woohoo!!!

    <3 MuffinLovesBiscuit