Tuesday, May 31, 2011

{anniversary=ice cream, coffee, and Ikea}

{Before heading out of town, Mom and I had our weekly photo and coffee date! I really liked how this weeks pictures turned out! I worn one of my favorite jackets, that Nicolai's mom gave me a couple years ago.}

 {After driving to Berkeley we ran across the Berkeley Farmers Market and picked up some super delicious cherries and white peaches! The market was fairly small but full of really awesome vendors! They even had a ranch there that was selling free range meat, which I don't see often at markets!}

{Afterward we drove over to find The Cheese Board Collective where we heard they have amazing pizza...which they did :) They only make one type of pizza each day, and you just choose whether you want a whole, half or slice of pizza. We had one with Roma tomatoes, feta and mozzarella cheeses, lemon juice and zest, and a little cilantro. It was really good and the place was packed! Like line out the door packed!}

{After lunch we thought a coffee sounded good. It was a weird weather day..it was sunny one minute and then drizzling the next. We walked down the street and decided to try out The French Hotel, which we later discovered was actually a hotel and not just a cleverly named coffee shop. Nicolai insisted he needed a brownie so we got one of those too :) Over all it was a good find. Around 3 we went to check into our hotel and take a little nap. Then we went for a late dinner at P.F. Changs! We decided to go there because we had dinner there when we were on our honeymoon. It was really good. I love their chicken lettuce wrap appetizers! Sooo yummy!}

 {Sunday morning we woke up and found out continental breakfast at our hotel just meant it was healthy, not free. So we decided to forgo the over priced mediocre food for a better option. We were sent to try Local 123 by our friend Dave, and boy was it good. They had amazing coffee and super nice staff but we were really impressed with breakfast. It probably helped that we were super hungry! For breakfast we ordered the two poached eggs on herb butter sourdough. This was amazingly delicious! I'm not even a big egg person but I loved it.}

{After checking out of our hotel our first stop was for ice cream...yes before lunch :) We decided to try out Ici. It is an ice creamery in Berkeley that was to die for! They make their own cones and all the ice cream is made in house. They have really interesting flavors too. I tried the lemon vanilla which was super great and Nicolai had the maple candied bacon...not my thing but he loved it!}

{Later on we headed to Ikea where we bought a new bed, bookcase, and some odds and ends before heading home...oh and we had lunch of course :) Overall it was an amazing weekend full of love and joy...cheesy but true :) My face in that last picture sums it up I think :)}

What did you do this holiday weekend?


  1. Must have been an Ikea weekend - we went there too! Looks like a fun happy weekend. :)

  2. Berkeley is the BEST!! and Ici is the seriously the best place to go to for ice cream, ever. And if you go again during the spring/summer, try the lavender ice cream.. SO good. I believe it's a seasonal thing, but also glad that you had a great weekend :)