Thursday, April 14, 2011

{the hunt: wedges}

{Forever 21 Spring Fling Wedges, $25.80}

{Jeffery Campbell Suede Platform Wedge Heel, $128.00}

 {Forever 21 Buckled Leatherette Wedges, $26.80}

I have been hunting around for a good multi-use pair of wedges for spring, as i don't have very many shoes I can wear with dresses. I think my favorites are the first two..only because the Jeffery Campbell wedges are a bit out of my price range, sadly.  :(
What do you think, wedge #1 or wedge #2?
I think wedge #2 might go with more...Give me your stylish opinions! :)



  1. if wedge #2 is the brown (ish) pair with an open toe, then i vote for those instead of the black ones. i think they'll go with more and even though they're a brown, you can easily wear them with black. happy wedge wearing! (i can wear heels but NOT wedges... i'm sure i'd break my neck....)!

  2. these are all TDF (to die for).
    also i wanted to let you know i featured you in a little contest :)

  3. I agree. Number 2 would go with more spring colors.

  4. What about wedge #3, the buckled leatherettes? I think I like those the best! I like an ankle strap for added support. I also really like the Spring Fling peep toe wedges though!

  5. I like #2. It will go with a lot more and they are super adorable.