Thursday, February 10, 2011

{a new do and a sunny lunch date}

{I finally got my hairs did! It literally has been over a year since my last actual haircut! Disgraceful! My friend Tara works miracles and really gussied up these locks of mine! I am loving having bangs and they aren't too short which is the BEST! After my hour and half long haircut (because it really takes that long..what?...I have thick hair!) we walked over to Whole Foods across the way for salad bar goodness. Then we sat in the sun and enjoyed a unusually warm February afternoon! It was lovely!}

{There is nothing better than catching up with a friend over an impromptu picnic in the park! Go have a picnic today, that is if you like in California..otherwise you are most likely out of luck! But hey who says you can't have a cozy picnic by your fireplace, or in a blanket fort, or bed! Happy Thursday friends of mine!}

.::love ali::.


  1. Love the new do! Should have thought of the Whole Foods thing, instead eating salad at home...but at least it's warm here too (Miami). Have a great day :)

  2. Uhm, you look so gorgeous! You rock the bangs! & Whole Foods cafe is pretty much amazing! Have a great day!

  3. Thanks you guys! I'm really liking them!

  4. Aww! You look BEAUTIFUL! Loving the hair.