Wednesday, February 2, 2011

{A Load of Crock: Let's save some dough!}

{Budgeting and saving money by slow cooking}

I'm sure you are all like me and love to save a little cash! I've found some fun ways to save by using the slow cooker!

Here are a few tips to get you started..

+Make your own broth when you can. Save whats left of your chicken carcass and boil or slow cook with water and some veggies...don’t forgot the salt. Freeze what you don’t use.
+Use leftovers to make meals all week. For example, roast a chicken and use it in dishes for a few nights.
+You can save money on your grocery budget by buying cheaper cuts of meat because slow cooking will tenderize your meat and make it delish.
+Save money on broth and use water instead. Slow cooking extracts more juice from the meat.
+Use dried beans in bulk instead of canned..its dry rice in bulk too!
+Make foods like fried rice yourself instead of ordering take out
+For you mamas out there, make your own baby food! We all know how expensive pre-made baby food can be.
+make foods like yogurt and granola yourself

{ok, now I want to hear your ideas! We can all save more money! That I know to be true! I want to here your tips, tricks, and ideas for saving money on groceries! Go!}
 .::love ali::.


  1. Mmm mmm brings back memories of my mama's homemade soup... I'm going to ask her to make it for me this week!

    Your tips are very practical and smart! It's always great to find new ways to save some money. Huzzah for the 30 day theme! I like this, I'll be checking back often for sure :)

  2. I'm so excited for this month of crock pot recipes and tips. I've been dying to use ours since we got it! I'm gonna make sure to save all of them.

    This tip doesn't really apply to crock pot, well sort of: We freeze EVERYTHING! My boyfriend's mom taught us to freeze so much: cheese, bread, soup. We freeze alot of stuff so that we just can pull it out of the freezer and have it for the next day.

  3. Freezing is the best! I like to freeze soups in ziplocs and just lay them flat in the freezer so they thaw quickly!

  4. i love making big dishes of things like lasagna or shepherd's pie and freezing the leftovers.
    and we usually roast a chicken and tons of veggies on sunday, then use the leftovers to make soup a couple days later.
    we try to eat cheap but i get so sick of pasta :P
    after seeing some of your posts, i might invest in a slow cooker...