Wednesday, January 19, 2011

.::well hello there!::.

{long time no see :) At least it feels that way! A lot is going on in my neck of the woods! I can't share most of it just yet but lets just say that changes are a' comin'! It's also been super busy because of all these changes. I have so many projects running right now! I think I need to make a new planner! Sadly I was unable to post my regular "Make do Monday" this week but to make up for it here is a sweet  project courtesy of Kyla Roma! I think this project is in the cards for me, this week.}

{Today I finally decided to try on this cute white cardigan I thrifted a week ago and I LOVE IT! It is soooooo soft! It just feels nice to wear it :) I love clothing that is cute and comfy but not yoga pants and sweatshirts (which i feel like I have been living in the past few days). Thought I'd put in a tiny bit of effort getting dressed this morning. :)}
{Have a great day my friends!}

.::love, ali::.


  1. Ohhh, what a cute sweater!
    I'm intrigued by all these mysterious changes you have going on ... o.O

  2. ohhhh hello starbucks....which reminds me...I could go for a good cup of joe right about I love that cardi! very cute! Love your blog!

  3. Oh, haiiii! I just got home. You have to fill me in... It feels like forever since we have talked so coffee soon, puhleeze....

  4. Where did you get that super cute desktop background? It's adorable!!