Saturday, January 29, 2011

:saturday scavenging:

{Today my dear friend Savannah and I grabbed a much needed cup of vanilla chai and perused the goods at a few vintage and thrift stores! I came home with a couple little treasures I thought I'd share!}

 {Sav got these awesome Pyrex plates, cups, and saucers for $.50 a piece! The man at the shop told us they had come from a diner that had closed down!}

{I brought home 2 super cool old cans! I plan to use them for planters! I thought Nicolai would like the pipe tobacco one...ya know it's kinda manly :)}

{I also fouund this little turtle to match a piece I already have. It's in the same exact frame but I has little sewn daisies! I think they will look cute together! The little cream and sugar pieces were only $3 for the pair! I love milk glass everything!}

{Here are a few pieces I wish I had bought! the trivet was so cute but as we are trying to get rid of stuff I thought it best to pass since I probably wouldn't use it! Same goes for this sweet little nut grinder! I was drooling all over it but I was a good girl and walked away! Maybe another day!}

{So, what are you up to this weekend! I news for you all but it has to wait til next week! Busting at the seams to share!! Happy weekend!}

.::love ali::.


  1. The Pyrex set is great- so neat that it was used at a diner!
    And i can never seem to pass up old trivets when I see them!

  2. Hey Ali where do you guys go thrifting? Love your blog by the way!!