Monday, January 31, 2011

{make do monday: carved cork stamps}

 {I have fun plans for Valentines day cards this year and in order to do that I wanted to make a heart stamp! If you have old wine corks laying around you can easily carve your own little stamps! I swear it is so quick and easy...and cheap!! Hooray!}

 {First draw your design on the cork with a sharpie.}

{Then start carving! I start by making a slit about 1/4 in down on the cork, all the way around. Don't cut all the way through. Next using the tip of your carving tool to carve around your design and dig out the excess cork.}

{Then stamp away friends! Your design will look a bit imperfect simple because your cork won't be perfectly flat, but it's fun because it gives it more charm! Have fun guys!}

.::love ali::.