Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Tin can planters + family traditions

{Hello Hello! Today is rainy.. I am cozy at home, have no car and am therefore stranded and am doing fun things all day! I am hoping to clean and organize my little office studio today but will probably need hubs to carry my new desk upstairs..who knows maybe ill try to do it. That's probably a bad idea. Anyway I did a little project a couple days ago I thought I would share with you! I found these little espresso cans at Target on clearance awhile back..i think they were less than a buck a piece. I thought they would make cute little planters! I simply emptied them out, punched holes in the bottom with a nail and hammer (please be careful doing this) and planted my little spouts in their new home. It is important to punch holes in the cans otherwise the excess water won't drain and they can mold or drown. Just don't forget to put a plate or tray underneath before you water! Went planting make sure to be gentle with the roots. Make a hole in the dirt with your fingers and nestle the roots down in there. Just gently press them into the dirt, no need to squish them super tight.}

{I have a little spider plant that was a cutting from my great grandmothers larger plant. My mom has had the larger original plant since before I was born and has taken tons of cuttings and planted new plants. I now do the same thing! I planted two cuttings I had started and put 4 more into water to sprout.}

{They turned out pretty great! I'm excited to find more cute things to plant in! Time to hit the thrift stores again, I suppose :) Hope you have a great day! Be back later!}

ali <3