Thursday, December 30, 2010

{post holiday mayhem+a little help}

hey, hi, hello! Merry week after Christmas to you! Personally I love this time of year, when you get to clean, and organize, and toss old least that's what I do! I seriously love it! Yesterday I was digging through some of hubs boxes upstairs and found a few little treasures! I also dumped a ton of junk (with permission, don’t worry! :) I have a new resolution that we won’t keep anything stored in boxes. We use it or toss it. Not necessarily in the trash but you get the idea...donate, giveaway etc. I’m pretty excited about it! One of the things we really have to work on is our HUGE book collection! When we got married we joined 2 rather large libraries, which we love but it has become too much, plus I think we have some duplicates! Now that my studio is clean and organized, it is time to take on hub’s office. I’ll admit I am a little scared :) I love my husband dearly but he (and I) will be the first to admit he is a bit of a pack rat. He is very nostalgic about papers, books, knick knacks and the like, but he is getting very good at letting go the longer we have been married :) Yesterday I cleaned out our upstairs “storage” room and organized all the empty boxes, boxes to sort through and the ones that are already sorted! It felt great! I made a few trips to the dumpster too! Next up is taking down the tree :( I’m sad to lose our tree but it must be done! Our poor douglas fir has been dead for at least a week or more! Maybe somebody forgot to water it...anyway..lots to do today, including stain removal and wax clean up! I stupidly grabbed a still hot candle after our little Christmas get together and threw hot wax all over our wooden desk/bookcase, as well as down the front of my sweatshirt! Good one!

If you are like me, the candle klutz, here is a great way to clean up your waxy mess! You’ll need paper towels and your iron.

For the furniture, lay a paper towel over the wax your want to remove. Heat your iron I use the cotton setting) and place it on the paper towel over your wax. Keep the iron moving but hold it to the spot until you start noticing spots of wax coming through your paper towel.

It will start to look wet. 

Periodically check under the towel to see if your wax has disappeared. Then just wipe clean and your done! 

For fabrics, it is just the same except you want to put a towel underneath as well. You don’t want the wax melting through the other side. First I scraped off as much of the wax as possible.  Be careful you don’t iron over any stains, as the heat can set them. After all your wax is removed just wash like you normally would! 

Lastly, take your used paper towels and go wax those brows! Just Kidding :) Hope this is helpful during all your Christmas clean up! I’ll be back a little later with another Christmas clean up tip!
{Happy Cleaning}

.::love ali::.

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