Sunday, December 19, 2010

.::the local low-down: Flying Goat Coffee::.

{Here at ballpoint+pen I believe in living local! I shop as many local retailers as possible and I thought it would be fun to start featuring then local gems :) First on the list is Flying Goat Coffee}

{Set in Historic Railroad Square, Flying Goat Coffee is a local staple where many of my friends come daily. They work directly with coffee growers around the world to create their own coffee beans, which is great for the producers and us! Read more about it on their website!}

{I love the laid back and cool atmosphere they create}

{After ordering you will be handed your perfect coffee or tea by there awesome baristas, one of which is a buddy of mine from high school :)}

{On this particular day I ordered a chai latte, not my usual but it was SO good!}

{their foam art is ALWAYS so pretty!}

{After getting your coffee you can go sit in the cozy cafe. They have this cool staircase that goes to some offices in the building. The decor is clean, simple, and modern.}

{If you are ever in Sonoma County you'll have to stop by! What's the name of your favorite local coffee shop?}

ali <3


  1. After working at the goat, I can tell you a few other details about the building too. Historically the site was a house of ill repute. The windows facing the train tracks are so large so that ladies could dance in them and attract the gentlemen going by... So they might get detoured. Also, Hitchcock shot a train movie scene in the area and it was shown I think. Steve Martin also jogs by it in the intro of cheaper by the dozen.

    And the brewer in healdsburg does private cuppings (tastings) of cowboy coffee with all of the employees so you learn each flavor of beans. They take their coffee very seriously there.

  2. Oh, I meant roaster not brewer! So tired ;)

  3. What I didn't know all of that! Hooray! Awesome! Thanks Jess!