Saturday, October 16, 2010

{today was a good day}

Today was just one of those nice, relaxed, get stuff done, kind of days. Hubs and I slept in, them ran some errands at the craft store, costco and target! Fun fun fun! At the craft store I got a bunch of fun stuff including a sock monkey kit for baby and some yarn to start a new blankie!

It's funny how much I love Costco..getting 4 huge bottle of apple sauce and and a huge tray of peaches is the best. 

At Target I got these perfect little glasses jars for putting my cleaning stuff in. One for baking soda and one for Borax. I even got some blue measuring spoons on clearance to use in them. You can see them here next to my awesome new thrifted tablecloth!
 Later in the evening Johnny, Keith and Chelsea came over :) We had homemade hot chocolate and some relaxing chat time! It was nice!

I hope everybody has a good nights sleep and a lovely Sunday! 
See ya tomorrow!
ali <3

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