Friday, October 22, 2010

{fall craft bonanza!}

{Sorry I meant to post these yesterday but my pictures were hiding in my computer somewhere and I couldn't find them!}
I saw this tutorial over on Seablanket and thought they would make a great thanksgiving centerpiece. Gonna make a few more, but I'm still collecting more pasta sauce jars :)
I used an old sewing pattern for these but also have some old Anthropologie tissue paper I want to use too! Speaking off Anthropologie, I found some amazing glass measuring spoons I really wanted but couldn't bring myself to shell out the cash. Then 2 days ago I was at Cost Plus World Market in search of cool wedding gifts and found these cuties for $2.99!! I was pretty excited!
I have a couple awesome recipes to share soon that I tried recently and loved! I'll be posting those later today but first I have to run a few errands with hubby! Check back for Bonanza part 2 later!
ali <3

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  1. Hi Ali! Your centerpiece looks so cute! It's such a creative idea and I love how you found a crafty way to recycle those tissues hehe :)

    I have a lot of posts to catch up on! I haven't been following anyone's blogs recently. I've been so busy! I started a new blog,

    If you have some time, check it out! I'd love to trade buttons with you, I'm trying to build up a following.

    (I'm Briana by the way, you're probably more familiar with my personal blog, AntiSocial, :) )