Sunday, October 17, 2010

{breakfast for dinner}

It was a good weekend..not really ready to go back to work tomorrow but at least I have a few more hours of Sunday left :) We had breakfast for dinner tonight and it was delish..complete with tater tots, sausage, pancakes, fruit, and homemade orange julius, just like grandma used to make :) All it is is orange juice about 1/2 glass, then another 1/4 glass of milk(I used whole milk because we had some left from homemade cocoa last night) and sugar to taste...usually a couple teaspoons. It's pretty freakin good :) I also started the new granny square afghan! What do you think of the colors?
Happy last few hours of the weekend! Check back tomorrow for the first Make Do Monday!
ali <3


  1. I LOVE the colors! I actually have those three sitting in my yarn box right now..hmmm. I'm not very good at making tri-color squares, do you have a tute?

  2. Not yet but I could definitely work on that :)