Monday, September 20, 2010


{I just got home from work, thank goodness...I am now porking on celery and peanut butter followed by a scrumptious chocolate chip cookie ice cream sandwich, while waiting for the hubs to get home. Just thought I'd say hi since it's been awhile since I posted. Hi! I've missed you all! Lately I've had a bit of the blues and haven't felt very inspired. Needless to say I am feeling much better ad really encouraged! Right now I really want a furry little pet to snuggle with! The little cutie up above is Lola. She was my cat. I rescued her. One day when I was at work I found her stuck behind a rose bush. She was really dirty, starving half to death, and had SOO many fleas! She was scared and jumping but I could tell she was a sweetie. I took her home with me and spent way to much money getting her well and vaccinated. A few months later due to jobs and living situations, I had to give her to a friend. It was a good thing but broke my heart. She was the best. These pictures were taken when she was still very young and all she did was sleep. I took her everywhere with me until she got a bit stronger.}
{I just ran across these pictures and it makes me miss her terribly. Maybe one day I can have another kitty. Good night friends! I hope everybody had a positive Monday!
ali <3


  1. oh i love this kitty! i adore him! i'm in love with kitties! so cute! i have 4 cats: templeton, edmonton, agnes and tico! so fun!

  2. That was so sweet of you to take her and take care of her, even if you weren't able to keep her in the long run. We have a striped cat running around here, too, she's so petite it looks like she's barely a year old when she's actually 3!

  3. did you know i have wanted to get two kittens (boy and girl. brother and sister) and name them dexter and LOLA?! we have same brain syndrome.
    either we need to find a way to hang out or i need to send you my address. right now big jesse dog nuzzled my forearm and was staring at me nose to nose wagging his tail when i turned to look at him. how funny.
    the pictures of your lola are so cute. i'd miss her too.
    jordan and i got a kitten for his mom for her birthday. he's orange and super fuzzy and funny.

  4. ooh such a cute little cat, poor thing having fleas! theyre so gross, and they get everywhere! x

  5. hey there!! how are you doing these days? i saw your sweet mother at Stephanie Anderson's wedding last year? that lady is a HOOT! love her. Also saw that picture of you and Caroline below....brings me BACK to the days. those childhood years of awesomeness :)