Wednesday, August 25, 2010


{hello all! It's been awhile..i know. Lately I've been in a little funk. Not sure what to time to post...been working ALOT! I beginning to feel inspiration creeping back in and am finally off work Friday so I have some plans for this little blogie blog :) Also as I am now at 47 followers..yay!!...I think I am going to do a little give away as soon as I hit 50! Hooray! More about that later..for now I have to buzz off to work. Hopefully today will only hit 103 degrees..that 104 just about did me in yesterday! Where did that come from! Now that summer is pretty much over the weather decides to kick it up. Well, have a lovely day friends! talk to ya soon!}
<3 ali


  1. hot hot hot. CA needs to cool down a bit.

  2. that is a gorgeous picture. and i cannot believe that weather. i would die. just DIE. that's horrid.

    have a great day!