Tuesday, August 31, 2010

{fall booklist}

{ok yeah.. Im a geek... I love Harry Potter :) The next movie is coming out in November!! Part 1 that is! Watch the trailer here! So in anticipation of the movie I have to reread the book! There are so many books i want to read and I am tempted to make this list super long but I know if i do i wont read them all! What are some of the books on your list right now?}
<3 ali


  1. I really want to re-read #7, too! I may settle for listening to it on audio while I craft...two birds and one stone and all. On my list for fall: Atlas Shrugged. It's sooo long that it may take me into the new year!

  2. ali! i brought home a medium sized suitcase FULL of old books from my grandparents house in minnesota! from little golden books from my dad's childhood to a book from 1902 that belonged to my grandmother's mother (called "a devotee and a darling, or the difference between them")to books on life in sweden in the pioneer days to books written by my grandparents' friends...i'm so excited to hunker down and read read read whenever i can!!! i wanna get into books on tape/cd too!!!

  3. Thats so awesome! I love old books!!! They are the best kind! check out christianaudio.com they have a free audio book every month and some really good prices on other books too!