Sunday, August 15, 2010

{day off...finally}

{It's been way to long since I posted. Today is finally my day off and chai and biscuits sounded to good to resist. After church we watched a few episodes of Robin Hood from the BBC series, on Netflix. LOVE it!!! Today the show broke my heart but I wont tell you'll have to watch it for yourself. Soon we are going to a goodbye party for a friend, but right now I have a little catching up to do. }
{Recently I found some new fun apps for my phone...mostly camera ones as usual. Lots of fun new filters to play with}
{I've been making some fun new jewelry as well. Been experimenting with yarn, beads, and embroidery. So many possibilities...}
{mail, mail, mail! I have received tons of super cute mail lately! Some of the favorites include...}
{this crazy cute card!}
{This amazing little fold out envelope packed with pictures!}
AND my new social security card! Yeehaw!
{Happy Sunday friends! Be back with more later}
ali <3

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