Thursday, July 1, 2010


{hi again...sorry its been a few days..being without internet at home is really taking a toll on my blogging abilities..(i know you know what i'm taking about Stina! :) Anyway, since my last post i have moved! We are completely into the new place and it feels so good! We definitely have a few projects to tackle, such as blank walls, a small living room holding a large couch, setting up my studio so i can actually get my etsy back in working order, and getting rid of LOTS of clothes...if i showed you the pile on our floor you might die of a heart attack.}

{Since the move we are learning all about country we live next door to many many peacocks who like to make cat like noises ALL the time. We find all kinds of critters around the house, some of which I hoped never to come into contact of those being a snake! Some thing I love about living out here is the wildflowers. A few nights ago I decided that I really wanted some flowers for the house but since we are trying not to spend to much money and it was about 8pm, we decided to go for a walk a hunt for some.}

{I found the most beautiful Queen Anne's lace on the side of the road! It was perfect. I made a big bouquet for the living room and put a couple sprigs in a vase for my nightstand too! Isnt it amazing how having flowers in your house just brightens everything so!}
{have a great Thursday everybody!}
ali <3


  1. That sounds absolutely beyond lovely! And I'm sure it'll be even more so once you have everything squared away. :)

  2. i reallllllly realllllly want to see all the pictures of your house!
    hurry up lol