Sunday, July 25, 2010

{lazy sunday}

{so far today i have gone to church, walked home, done a little laundry and a few dishes, chatted with many many blogs...i feel like I am over flowing with ideas and goals and dreams. Many of them feel unachievable even though i probably could do them. It feels like a good time to set some goals. Then i will make a to do list. I also want to make a commitment to journaling.  I have felt busy, rushed, uninspired, tired and often frustrated lately and making lists always makes me feel better. I like to feel organized.}

{yay! that's a good i need some inspiring pictures}

{i want to build a tent in my living room :)}

{i want a paint-by-numbers that looks like this one!}

{i just like this!!}
{images from weheartit}
ali <3


  1. Funny coincidence, I've been working on a paint-by-number AND just recently started a recipe journal. I'd say they're two very good things to have on a to-do list.

  2. I love this ! i can't wait till you post it all on blogger, if it were possible i would buy stuff from you, because i love vintage things and if only i could learn to do that stuff i'd be goood ! well i just wanted to say can't wait to see what you do !

  3. Sonya: That's so cool! You should post pages from your recipe journal! I havent worked on mine in awhile
    morgan: you are so much fun! Im so glad you are apart of the blogging world now :) yay your blog is very cute!

  4. Ha thank you ! && I'm pretty glad my self ! (: