Friday, June 11, 2010

{happy friday friends!}

{I'm in a good mood today! Here are some reasons why...#1 Last night Nicolai and I went to Refuge Christian Fellowship for Bible study and some to catch up with some old friends I hadn't seen in years... #2 I'm really looking forward to having tomorrow off work. I have been working a lot and its been pretty busy lately! #3 I'm also excited because i am now eligible for a phone upgrade and can get the new iphone 4!! I still have the original iphone so I'm pretty pumped about the new one! #4 i am going to be taking on a few hair clients again which should be fun #5 I am doing a lot of work on the blog and have lots of fun ideas and plans for it and my etsy!! #6 It is a beautiful day that the Lord has made and I am rejoicing because I know I have a Savior who loves me!}

{Lots of posts planned for the near future, so check in for some diy projects, featured friends, and more wedding pictures..cuz i know you want to see those right!?...until then what is something you are excited about of thankful for today? Share your thoughts in the comments below!}

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  1. i'm a little late to responding on this, but:
    1. internet access for a few hours to catch up on stuffs!
    2. got to sing for 2 two hour sets in my church's prayer room tonight-the second set was on the same team my bf is the prayer leader for. <3 being surrounded by music and singing with other people who love God like i do.