Monday, June 7, 2010

{the day before we tied the knot}

The day before the wedding Nicolai and I hosted brunch at my parents house for all our relatives. Many had come from far away..Oregon, Washington, and even Denmark! We had so much fun dreaming up a menu and due to the hectic nature of the day we didnt get to do everything we had wanted but it was super fun all the same. Nicolai was in charge of making the silver dollar flap jacks and the homemade mochas! I took care of scones, sausage, eggs and fruit! It was yuuuummmy! We were so glad we decided to do it!
After brunch we all loaded up and drove out to Occidental for the rehearsal and to decorate the church. Occidental Community Church on Church st in Occidental Ca! It was so perfect and picturesque. We didn't do a whole lot of decorating at the church because it was already so cute to begin with! We did one quick run through of the ceremony...we hadn't really finished planning it quite yet either! Whoops! 
After a brief rehearsal we drove out to Davids Ranch and had a delicious Danish dinner while we decorated the barn! For dessert we had is a tasty vanilla rice pudding of sorts! The tradition is to leave in a whole almond and whoever finds it wins a prize! After dinner we finished decorating and the boys went to San Fransisco for the bachelor party! They went to a really cool Irish Coffee Bar and goofed around doing boy things. Savannah, Chelsea and I went back to my parents house to do flowers, finish projects, embroider my dress and go to sleep super late :)
{more to come....}
Ali <3


  1. Ali, I have seen pics on Facebook that other people took and now on your blog and your wedding just looked beautiful! What a gorgeous setting and I love all the details. You're so crafty & creative and I love it! Like a page outta a magazine ;) Congrats on your marriage, I'll be praying blessings on your life together!

  2. Okay, I'm finally going to 'post a comment' though I was debating for a long time if I should...
    First, the reason why I finally decided to comment was that I read the dessert you had the day before you 'tied the knot' (the vanilla rice pudding) is exactly what I have traditionally every Christmas, for my cousin's wife is danish! It inspired me to say something, because not only did I want to say that that was a funny coincidence, at least I thought so :) but I've been reading your blog often, and it's been inspiring me to do more, be more creative and attempt to try my own blog. I guess my general point was to say that it was funny to read that you had the same dessert that I have every Christmas, and that you amaze me with your craftiness and fun. :) Congrats and wishing you the best <3