Friday, April 2, 2010

{weekend will do's}

Now that I have been jobless for over a week now, I have found that it is much harder to keep track of what day it is. The weekend has snuck up on me so quickly...I feel as though I have accomplished very little this week, so this weekend I have a "will do" plan!

{First I plan to make a cute braided fabric headband that I saw over on cakies blog. I thought this was adorable and really want one for myself :) }
{Then time to bake up some magic-ness :) Again cakies inspired me..I love these hearts cookies she and her daughters made <3 So is a recipe from Miss Martha herself. Just for fun!}
{Next I want to make some candied citrus peels..I have been planning to make these for literally years and just never have. I looked through lots of different blog posts and recipes to find one I like and here it is..over on The Small Object Steno Pad. I have a ton of lemons left over from when I started the Master Cleanse and then promptly found out that cayenne pepper tastes like BO and that I am a big baby..I gave up after just under 24 hours. I know I am a wimp...but I don't care :) I'll be the first to admit that I am a sucker for weird quick fix diets..don't get me wrong I am totally into healthy eating all the time and love my veggies but i still find myself lured in by the promise of 10lbs lost in 7 days :) I can't help it..i just have to try. Here is my newest diet extravaganza..i'll let you know how it goes.}
{Next it's on to cupcakes in a jar! I have seen these all over the place lately and have been wanting to try them out. My Mr. has been requesting red velvet cupcakes with cream cheese frosting so I figured this is the perfet time to try them! This picture is off Martha Stewert's site but mine will be a little different. These have jam or something in the bottom and I am just gonna do the frosting.}
 {So it wouldn't truly be a blissful weekend without a little crafting. I started to make this necklace awhile back and just need to finish it off! I'm feeling motivated to make some fun this weekend..I'll post the finished project later on}
 {It has been about a million years since I have embroidered. Needle and thread used to be my material of choice when it came to crafting but back in January I gave away all my embroidery floss and never got around to buying more...on second thought this project may have to wait til payday..Either way its gonna get done in the very near future}
{Needless to say I have created quite a weekend of work for myself! I'm excited to have something to do! Hope you have a relaxing weekend!
<3 Ali


  1. so funny, I actually just decided that this summer I WILL relearn embroidery too!

  2. I LOVE to embroider and can't wait to go stock back up on all my colorful threads! I'm embroidering bride undies to wear at my wedding! :) yay!