Wednesday, April 28, 2010

{etsy: things i would really like to have..when I get paid }

{So I know I could make most of these things...but i don't want to. I would rather order them and wait excitedly for them to arrive in the mail and them tear open the package and be super stoked to show them to someone else who really won't care but will pretend to be excited for me anyway!}
{I can't help it! I love to get mail!}
etsy sellers:
apple carrier: Melbashoppe
grey flower beanie: elicas {my friend Elise from grade school!}
olive green cowl: thehouseofhemp
green knit headband: elicas
brown knit bag: yokoo
custom rubber stamp: lilimandrill
pomegranate stamp: fawa
vintage orange creamer: moxiethrift
vintage orange bakeware:BellaAnnes
custom stamped ring: cinnamonsticks
felted wool cardigan: sandmaiden
vintage green album: 10thAvenueEast
knit owl coffee cozy: WhimsicalStiches

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  1. That stamp is the coolest! lovely blog.
    nicole visiting from