Monday, April 19, 2010

Being a Student of the Word

Scripture is...
+the primary source of spiritual nourishment through which we can grow and mature as  Christians (1 Peter 2:1-3)
+God’s roadmap that He has given us so that we can navigate through life freely and     enjoy life as God intended, following him as our New Master. (John 8:31-32)

A clear mark of a disciple from Jesus’ teaching and throughout Scripture is being a student of the Word...we should therefore saturate our minds and hearts in God’s Word to know him and live out His authoritative truth in every area of life by the power of his Spirit.

Think about your time in Word lately...have you been in the Word lately...even in the last month, or even year? Reflect on honest about how disciplined you are or are not. Take your time and think about the ways that you spend your time rather than in the Word..what things are you valuing above your relationship with your Creator! We all have something so just be honest with yourself...then share it with the Lord. Confess your struggles fill in the it selfishness, laziness, or whatever.

Ask yourself this...

How often am I spending time studying the Bible on my own or with friends?
Why is it often difficult to study and apply the Bible?
How am I responsible for my lack of study?
Do I believe it is important to know and apply God’s Word? Why or why not?
How long have I been a Christian?
How well do I know God’s Word?
How much do I apply it to my life?
Am I a spiritual infant or a spiritual adult? (read Hebrews 5:11-14)
Am I growing in my faith?
How can I begin, continue, or improve in this area?

Everyday and throughout life we are forced to make challenging decisions concerning what kind of person we are, who we are going to follow and obey, what we are going to live for, and what we are going to be about. If we are going to live effectively as disciples, we need to practice training our senses according to Scripture to follow good and reject evil so that in the moments where we have to make decisions we will be prepared to make right decisions that will honor God and not give in to evil temptations. As Christian adults, we need to make decisions as such. How are we to make decisions that are in line with the will of God if we have not taken the time to find out who God is?

Lastly, take your reflections and thoughts and share them with someone older than you, who you trust. Lay it out there and be honest. We all need’s time to get serious.

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